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Why Become A Life Wellness Institute Franchisee?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming someone who could change the lives of others?

That’s what The Life Wellness Institute offers, and we’d like you to come on board to inspire more people to transform their lives. As a leading brand in physician-supervised weight loss and wellness treatments, we equip all of our Franchisees with every resource and tool they need to succeed. Exactly like we support our clients every step of the way, we offer the same level of support and development that can be highly beneficial to each individual.

The Life Wellness Institute Franchise gives you access to all the training, corporate systems, supplies, and on-going coaching you need to reach your business goals.

The Benefits

  • Join one of the fastest-growing industries in the USA
  • Own a business in an already established territory
  • Gain support with corporate marketing and operations
  • Increase revenue to grow your practice or investment portfolio
  • Offer something of significant clinical value to your patients

The Requirements

Applicants who wish to become a Life Wellness Institute ® Franchisee must meet the following requirements: be a physician or physician group with an existing patient base (or alternatively an investor who can partner with a physician or physician group with an existing patient base); Own liquid assets above $200,000; Have a net worth of approximately $500,000 or higher; Be committed to protecting and enhancing The Life Wellness Institute ® Brand.

Our Team

Who We Are

The Life Wellness Institute offers exceptional services related to wellness and weight loss that work effectively and safely. Our programs have been designed by top experts in medicine, health, nutrition, and fitness..

What differentiates us from others is the chance to receive constant support from Dr. Alex Alonso himself, included as part of the weight loss program. That helps us guarantee amazing results and also safely prescribe any required supplements.

Besides that, each service provided is personalized for every client, based on goals, current conditions, and medical history. We acknowledge that each body is different and act accordingly, making variations depending on any pre-existing conditions. Not only that, we also act as motivational support, to help our clients stay motivated every phase of their journey and help them progress in the treatment they are undergoing.

Overall, the programs offered are intended to give all the advice, support, and direction that individuals need to transform their bodies and become who they want to be.

Our care isn’t limited to the few steps of our treatments, it also extends to understanding and encouraging our clients by providing exceptional, life-changing services.

Join a Franchise Opportunity That Is Clinically Sound And Financially Rewarding.

Contact a member of our team today to find out more about The Life Wellness Institute Franchise and how you can get started.

Life Wellness Institute is South Florida's premier wellness center, we use the latest innovative techniques to provide you with a personalized health & wellness experience.


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